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Networking on The Central Coast of NSW

Networking is important for small to medium business owners as it is a means to help expand their business by forming relationships with others, in like or related fields and finding new customers and partners.

Networking is a great way to acquire new business leads, learn from others, and identify business trends and practices that may open the door for new opportunities.

The Central Coast is a large area but the population is not as dense as somewhere like Sydney or Newcastle. Due to this there are limited networking groups and they can often meet in an area that may be quite a distance from you.

Here are some networking groups on the Central Coast of NSW:

Linkedin Local Central Coast

Linkedin Local Central Coast exists to help businesses get hired, from trusted business connections. Local Central Coast is a business networking event currently held once a month on an early evening. People here are casual, positive, and eager to add value to your network and theirs. 




Central Coast Small Business Networking Group

Central Coast Small Business Networking Group (SBNG) is a place where you can meet other people in similar positions to you at various stages of their businesses’ life.  A myriad of topics such as marketing ideas, debt collection, tax issues, operations strategies, sales strategy, IT and other subjects are regularly discussed at the meetings. Its a place to learn from your peers or share your thoughts, experience and innovations.  Sales, opportunities and business generally happen as a by-product of attending the groups on a regular basis.


An annual member fee of $80.00 is payable on lodgement of a membership application.  Corporate memberships are available at $135.00 pa. This allows anyone from a member organisation to attend our meetings and all other special functions.


Community and Business Women's Network

Community and Business Women’s Network (CBWN) was founded in 2018 with a straightforward purpose – to connect women on the Central Coast. Though population in the area had significantly expanded in recent years, it was clear that opportunities for women to connect socially and professionally had not.

CBWN is built upon the idea  that bringing women together creates opportunities for growth, resilience and inspiration at business, community and personal levels.

Through a mix of networking events, business showcases and professional development opportunities, CBWN has expanded rapidly to include more than 250 active members. It is open to all women who want to network, make friends, learn, share ideas or support local business.


Membership is available at an annual cost of $50. This includes event discounts, member directory listing, access to private online groups and more.


Wyong Chamber of Commerce

The Wyong Chamber of Commerce mission is to foster business growth in the local community. Members of the chamber have the opportunity to contribute and participate in a range of business and social activities to improve skills, provide knowledge and strengthen their connection with the local community.


Membership categories give each member of your staff access to their database of Online resources, tools and articles. The larger your organisation the greater the benefit for each of your staff members to further their education and improve their skill sets. The costs outlined below are a 1 off cost for an annual membership per organisation.

  • CATEGORY A - $350 (inc gst) Employing in excess of 20 persons

  • CATEGORY B - $280 (inc gst) Employing 11-19 persons

  • CATEGORY C - $220 (inc gst) Employing 5-10 persons

  • CATEGORY D - $110 (inc gst) Employing 1-4 persons

  • CATEGORY E - $ 50 (inc gst) Associate Member


Gosford Erina Business Chamber

By becoming a member of the Gosford Erina Business Chamber you not only get the opportunity to discover what is going on in the Central Coast's capital city but also become part of its direction.If that's not what you want then get to know existing members and network with them. There are many opportunities to the business operator for being part of a vibrant and forward looking business community. The chamber also assists business with many 'red tape' and now 'green tape' issues that affect them.


  • 1-4 Employees - $110.00

  • 5-10 Employees - $230.00

  • 10+ Employees - $360.00


Free Networking Groups

CC Networking

This group is for like minded entrepreneurs to have a chance to discuss what they do and have a coffee and network.

Central Coast Business Breakfast Club

This group organises free networking breakfasts for business owners or entrepreneurs on the Central Coast.

Networking Small Businesses Central Coast Meetup Group

Invite Open to anyone in small business, to meet & greet with other like-minded local business owners and colleagues. It's great to be able to get to know and potentially refer business to those in our local business community.

Central Coast Coaches & Small Business Connect

This group join together at networking events to share ideas, knowledge, and strategies to help you stay focused on learning, growing, making positive changes, and loving your career, while developing a collective of supportive of peers.

Central Coast Entrepreneurs Meetup

Join us if you're keen on meeting up with like-minded people who are interested in everything entrepreneurial. We will meet up and chat about current business practices, future goals, marketing strategies, investment strategies and more.

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