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Xero Phone Assistance

The only complaint I hear about Xero is that there is no phone assistance. When people need assistance with Xero they must use Xeros online customer messaging service Xero support. This can be difficult for some who would like the instant and directive support you can get over the phone.

Where can I get phone assistance?

Clients of Anytime Assist Bookkeeping always have Xero phone assistance. Jess is a Xero Guru and is able to assist you over the phone or via screen share whenever you need support. If you require Xero phone support please call Jess on 0431604609.

For those who are not clients of Anytime Assist Bookkeeping Jess can still assist you but in this case there is a small fee.

Now a little bit more on Xero messaging support.

How Xero support works

  • Xero provides unlimited free 24/7 online support to all subscribers.

  • You can raise, view and manage cases in My cases.

  • You can include file attachments or invite Xero support into your organisation.

  • When you contact Xero, they direct your request to the team best suited to answer your question and make sure they have all the necessary information to help you.

Call Jess at Anytime Assist Bookkeeping 0431604609 for Xero phone assistance.

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