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Payroll & Superannuation

  • Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Payroll Processing

  • Monthly or Quarterly Superannuation

  • Online Timesheet Setup 

  • Employee Liability Assistance

  • Award Interpretation and Advice

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  • GST/BAS Preparation & Lodgement (Business Activity Statement)

  • PAYGI Assistance (Pay as You Go Installments)

  • PAYGW/IAS Preparation & Lodgements (Installment Activity Statement)

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Health Check

  • Check Transaction Allocations

  • Check Conversion Balances

  • Review Reconciliations

  • Review Bank Imports and Feeds

  • Check Wages Setup

  • Create Streamlined Procedures for Business

Online and Onsite Services Available

Registered BAS Agent

Hourly Rate


Bookkeeping Packages

BAS & IAS Lodgements

  • Weekly Packages from $110 incl GST

  • Monthly Packages from $220 incl GST

  • Quarterly Packages from $330 incl GST

  • Annual Packages from $440 incl GST​

Registered BAS Agent Anytime Assist 2527

$110.00 incl GST


The true costs of employing staff are higher than just their hourly rate?
​The hourly rate is the face value but the real costs of staff is higher. 

A staff member employed at $40.00 p/h,
​is costing you roughly $54.50 p/h. 

Hiring a subcontractor like Anytime Assist means you get a professional BAS Agent at a affordable hourly rate, you can claim back the GST and you only have to pay for the hours worked. ​

Super @ 9.5%

Annual Leave @ 7%

Sick Leave @ 3%

Public Holidays @ 4%

Workers Compensation @ 7% (this could be more)

Payroll Tax @ 5.45%

Payroll Administrative Costs @ $5 per week​

How do these calculations work?

  1. Firstly there is superannuation, which is paid on top of the base salary for any employee earning over $450 in a calendar month, which is a minimum of 9.5%. 

  2. Next is annual leave which is on average 20 days per year. Although this is built into their wage, you are effectively paying for 48 weeks of work in the year but what does it cost you to cover that role whilst the employee is away?

  3. In addition you have sick leave, which is generally 10 sick days per annum.

  4. Next you have public holidays, again there are usually 13 public holidays in Australia each year.

  5. Compulsory workers compensation varies depending on the industry you’re in, but can be in excess of 12.5% of the total annual wages. 

  6. Payroll tax is payable in each state when you pay over a certain threshold in wages, the threshold and percentages vary from state to state, but NSW for example has a threshold of $850,000 and a rate of 5.45%. Even though you may not have passed the threshold yet, if you are planning on expanding your business, you may pass it in the future, and thus should account for it. 

  7. Another cost you must consider is the cost of the administrative task of processing the payroll of employees, on average this will cost around $5.00 per employee per week.​

Keeping in mind that these aren’t all the costs associated with employing a staff member, you would also need to consider ongoing training and professional development, office space, stationary, computers, office furniture, staff amenities etc. to get the full cost.

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Registered BAS Agent Anytime Assist 2527